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The good news



Guess what?!?!?



I am going to be a big brother!!!


The baby is very little now, but should be ready
to come out and play right around Thanksgiving.


No, silly, that's the umbilical cord.
But you can see the baby's little fingers!


18 week ultrasound...everything looks good!


A little hand




The bad news



You won't believe what happened...



I already lost a tooth!


I thought I had the stairs mastered...
but one day a few weeks ago they got the better of me.
I fell down and my tooth hit the stair and it just came out!


NOW I look REALLY tough!


Mom was a little disappointed that my other bottom tooth will be unvavailable for the next six years of photos.


But I don't really care...


...my new smile is still pretty darn cute!
(if I may say so myself)