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• The 18-week Ultrasound •

Baby Weinstein was feeling a bit shy at the sonogram...
she didn't want to let us see her face.
We did learn, however, that everything seems to be A-OK!

(We decided not to find out if the baby is a girl or a boy, so we sometimes
call baby a "her" and sometimes a "him" - better than calling her "it"!)

The profile shot...her arm is in the way, but you can still see her cute little nose!

The head and torso.  He looks kind of squished!  You can see the spine in this one.

This is the baby's face, but it's hard to pick out the features.

An arm and a hand!  Jordan thinks he looks like he'll be a pitcher.

And a leg!  Jordan: "Maybe he'll be a soccer player!"

Two little feets.  Awww.

This is the best 3-D picture we could get.
He just didn't want to let us get a look!

Look how much Baby Weinstein has grown in 7 weeks!