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• Our First Week of Home-Ownership •

We're officially homeowners!!

Now that we have a home... let's start tearing it apart!  

Our first big project was prepping the basement for waterproofing.  Which required that we do a lot of "demo"" work (which is actually kinda fun!).  The worst part was ripping out the old bathroom in the basement (you can kind of see it behind Janet).  

Here's Janet making good progress on the first of several walls that we removed.  

Jordan is enjoying this opportunity to use power tools!

Making progress!  This is the same angle as the two shots above - but with the entire bathroom removed (including two interior walls, shower and toilet).

Janet is removing the old ceiling tiles.  This wasn't really necessary for the waterproofing, but once we started with the home improvement projects we just couldn't stop!  Note the mask - safety first!

 The laundry room wall was the next to go.

Bye bye gross old shower and toilet!!

We also chipped off all of the old tile off of the laundry room floor.

Luke, Kate and Olivia stopped by - and they were a big help!

More fun with power tools!  Here, Jordan is cutting a hole in the wall between the laundry room and the workshop.  This was the last wall that we had to cut - got it all done by Sunday evening - just in time for the men with jackhammers to arrive...