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Three Christmases and Three Birthdays

Ty takes his first trip to Chicago!



Ty got to meet his Uncle Greggor in Chicago!


When we arrived, it was -4 degrees.


When it warmed up a bit, Jackson got to go play in the snow!!


He LOVED throwing snowballs.


Ty could only dream about the snowball fights
he and Jackson will have someday.


We celebrated Christmas Eve at Auntie Barb and Uncle Tom's.


Ty meets his Grandpa for the first time!


Uncle Greggor gives Jackson some putting tips.


Christmas Morning #1...at Gramma's house


Jackson got the present opening thing down quickly.
"Rip it?"


He had almost as much fun with the paper and packaging
as he did with the presents themselves.


Dad with the boys


Gramma cuddles with Ty



He didn't seem too excited about the whole Christmas thing.
Wait until next year!



We also celebrated Auntie Lisie and Jackson's birthdays!


Jackson tried to blow out his candles, but spit all over the frosting...
luckily it was his own cupcake!


Christmas Morning #2...at Grandpa's


Cool! A car!


"Jackson drive? "



We played some Rock Band at Grandpa's...




...Jackson got the rocker attitude down right away.




The only question is whether he'll be a drummer...




...or the lead singer. Only time will tell, but genetics suggest the former.




Ty takes it all in. What a crazy family I've been born into!




Happy to be back at home...so sweet.




Chillin' in his carseat.




Hello world!




Happy New Year!




We celebrated Susan's 60th birthday on New Year's Day.




Jackson tried on Susan's glasses.




He was a little afraid of PopPop's new look!




Christmas #3...at home!




Jackson enjoys our traditional Christmas breakfast...
chocolate chip pancakes!




I wish I could have some of those!!




Jackson wasn't sure about the giraffe and the lion that Grandpa sent.
"They are scared!"




Once the Freddys (as Jackson named the giraffe and lion) were safely moved to the other side of the room, Jackson got into the presents.




We had one more surprise for him up in his room...




"Knock them over?"




Tuckered out from a busy (but fun!) holiday season