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March Madness
Grandpa visits and Ty has his first love affair





Hey Mom!



Guess what I'm eating!?!


SeeFood! Get it??
Goldfish, to be precise.



"I am being nice to Zed!"



King Jackson and Queen Sofia rule over the kitchen.


Ty is quite the charmer these days.


Check out his baby blues...


...and he can even grab his hanging parrot...
what more could a girl ask for?


Look! A worm!


Which side is it's head?


Go to your home, worm.


The boys were excited to see Grandpa in March.


Jackson wanted to go for a drive...


...but settled for cruising around the block in the passenger seat.


Grandpa gets a little Ty Time


Jackson shows off his giraffe-grabbing skills for his little brother.


He has been pretty excited about spending time with Ty lately.


What a nice big brother!


Our other two "little ones" make the website.


Ty's First Love Affair



Ty met Katie Daniels a few weeks ago.


He was in love at first sight.


All he could do was dream about Katie.


He wondered if she even knew he existed.


At last, Katie showed some interest.


She even let Ty hold her hand.


We only hope she won't break his little heart!