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May Milestones
and some cute videos too!





Let the potty training begin!


Lots of juice = lots of potty practice



Jackson shares his newfound wisdom with Ty...




Sofia and Jackson: Proud of their big kid underwear!



Ty can't wait until his turn.



Ty loves to pull his sucker out...
and then he complains that he doesn't have it.



Getting strong!


Jackson started to learn how to pedal the tricycle by himself.


But the swings are still his favorite.


Time to expand the crib!


Ty wonders what this spoon thing is for.


Patient for Mom's photo shoot...


...still patient and smiley...




Ty's first solid food!


It took him about 8 minutes to get the hang of it.


Jackson is not impressed. Rice cereal is for babies!



Jackson is excited about the "brown"-flavored cake
for Daddy's birthday.


Caught in the act!



It's fun to have a brother!






Jackson reads to Ty