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Building out the Closet



As you may recall, one of our biggest remaining do-it-ourselves projects was the closet in the master bedroom. It started like this. As a bonus room, with no heat/AC, and no flooring.


First, we painted the back wall red, and installed a new heat/AC system (well, we didn't do that, Ramon did)for the upstairs (including the closet and the nursery, which were previously unheated). Then we installed carpet in the closet. And then...


We built an awesome master closet!!


This is the back right side. We've got to low-hanging bars for clothes, and one set of shelves (that will have drawers put in them eventually).


On the back left side, we've got more shelves/drawers. They're all lined up flush with each other so that they form a high counter surface on top. As you can see, the slanted ceiling made things interesting.

In the gap that you see there we're going to put a makeup desk for Janet. Complete with lighted mirror and tuffet! And we have plenty of spiders to sit beside 'er!


The front left is Janet's clothes bar and shelves. Note the custom-cut tall shelves which we cut (using Jordan's shiny new circular saw!!) to fit the slanted roof. They turned out great! Here, Janet has a bar for hanging clothes, as well as lots of shoe racks.


And on the other side, is Jordan's clothes section - also fitted with custom cut tall shelves. Jordan's got shoe racks, too - but without quite as much capacity as Janet.




...and after!
Not bad for one day's work!!