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Crawling, Standing, and Eating Cheerios
What else could a little boy want to do?




Ready for the Phillies-Cubs series. We...I mean he...hasn't decided yet which team he'll root for.


Look at me! I can stand by myself!


What'd you do with my clothes?


Who cares? The tag ball is here!


Ha ha ha! I LOVE the tag ball!


Hee hee hee! Taggies!!


Rubber duckies taste yummy


But then Dad gets ahold of them


Not in the face, Dad!


Uncle Greggor came to visit!


What is that?


I better check it out








Uncle Greggor is fun!


And his hat is cool too.


Holding his own bottle!



At the Bull's game with Charlotte


Already hitting on the older women


Nine innings is more than I can take!


Yum! Cheerios!


Jackson pulls up on a roll of paper towels!


He'll need a little practice.


More Cheerios!


My new grin. Cute, but a little devilish (or is it the red-eye?)