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Jackson's First Hanukkah and Christmas
(Technically, it's his second Christmas, but HE was the gift last year!)




Oooo! Fire! Can I touch it?


Happy Hanukkah, Jackson!


It didn't take him long to get the idea of the gift bag...


There are gifts inside!


A croaking frog! What more could I ask for?


Cute after the bath


The croaking frog is funny!


Christmas Eve at the Hagensicks. Hi Lucy!


Ooo! A firetruck!


Uncle Greggor is a bad influence.




Jackson's first Christmas morning!
(He wasn't around until the afternoon last year.)



Paper and packages everywhere at Gramma's!



We had Christmas (take 2) a few days later at Grandpa's.
The boxes look big to such a little person!


Wrapping paper takes more work than gift bags!


Going for a ride with Auntie Lisie




Just wait until I get REAL drums, Mom and Dad!





No snow back in Durham. But we're ready for rain!