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Still adorable...
...and sometimes funny-looking.

Scroll down - we've saved the best for last...



We discovered the "continuous" setting on the camera when Jackson was about six weeks old...


So now we can capture even more funny faces!


Some VERY funny faces.


The dreamer


The skeptic


We took Jackson to Chicago to meet some of his family!


Uncle Greggor had the magic touch.


Hangin' with the Hagensicks


Lucy was happy to meet Jackson too!


Napping with Cousin Laura


He spent a little quality time with Auntie Lisie...


...and took his first trip to the Pancake House!
No apple pancake for him yet.


Maybe he'll be a rapper when he grows up?



Or an advocate for legumes?



Sporting a fancy hairdo


On mom's birthday, Jackson and his friend Julia went out for margaritas!






Uh oh...


Is that a smile?