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Jackson Turns One
What a year it has been!




We had a joint birthday party for Jackson and his friend Charlotte,
who is exactly one year older than he is.


Olivia shows Jackson the wonders of helium.


Uncle Lou was there to help celebrate!


The Jungle Jamboree birthday cake


Jackson didn't want to wait to cut the cake.


He and Charlotte were cautious at first...


...but it didn't take long to get them involved.


Then Jackson tried to take Charlotte's piece.


Jackson eats in fistfuls while Charlotte daintily licks her frosting.


Hahaha! Cake is yummy!


Wanna hug?


After his cake was gone, Jackson started on his plate.


Charlotte took pity on him and shared some of hers.



Yay! Sugar high!



Heather came, even though it was her day off.
She's happy that she doesn't have to clean him up this time!


We celebrated Jackson's official birthday in Chicago
(separately from Christmas, of course)


Auntie Lisie helps Jackson open his presents.


A mini cake for a mini man!


We celebrated with the Philly family a couple of weeks later.


Lots of little cousins were there!


Are you sure I'm allowed to eat more cake?


Aunt Lara reassures him.


This is awesome!


Starting the year off right with a "cake stand."
(Cousin Josh is full of good ideas.)