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Figuring things out
The little man has been hard at work...



Get Freddy, Jackson!



Is that a challenge?



I might need the help of a higher power.


I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.


I just need a breather .




I've got you, Freddy!


I am the champion, my friends!


And I can even hold my own bottle!


Prunes for breakfast? Or did Jackson get a hold of Mama's lipstick?


We visited Chicago in July. Jackson had fun with Uncle Greggor!


He also went to our Family Picnic!
He got to see Cousin Laura and meet the whole family.



Jackson is quite the comedian, apparently.



Grandpa and Jackson




Jackson LOVED the swing.


Ha! I slimed you!


Family photo op.


Jackson's first visit to Cameron Indoor!


Sleeping on your back is for babies.


Enjoying the Bulls' game


Awww. Jackson and his dad


Stacking cups. Hmmm.
Give me 'til next month to get these figured out.