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Six months old
Really? Six months??



Happy Jackson!



Looks like he's not a big morning person -
he must get that from his mama



Cute after the morning coffee (just kidding)


Jackson got to spend some time with Dawkins at the beach.
He wasn't so sure at first.


Hmmm. Maybe this furry thing isn't all bad...


Yay! Play with me!


Such a good sitter!


Ewwww! Green beans!


Wait...maybe they're not so bad...


Actually, they're quite tasty!


Yum!! More!! More!!


Beach baby



Family photo!



A big bear hug from MomMom


Sitting up is so much fun!


Hey! Where's the remote?


Gramma came to watch Jackson for the weekend!


He's not old enough to complain about the lick-the-finger method of cleaning yet...


And Auntie Lisie came down too!


He certainly is becoming a little devil...more to come next month!