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Three months old!
Can you believe it?




Look at those cheeks!!


We get lots of smiles these days. :)


He tries out lots of different smiles...


...some less successful than others.


Silly Jackson!


Chillin' with daddy on the couch.


Yay! Bathtime!


Zed supervises Tummy Time


Jackson specializes in spit bubble blowing.


He loves looking at the baby in the mirror, whoever he is.


I will get you, Mr. Giraffe!


Cousin Leah and her roommate came to visit.


Did we mention how enormous his cheeks have gotten??



Little flirt



Jackson leads the conga line at the Siesta Fiesta in Aspen


His first glimpse of snow!


Jackson the mountain man




It's not just his cheeks that have gotten chubby...