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A month full of firsts!



Jackson ate solid food for the first time in May.
Rice cereal...delicious!


He slept for the first time in his expanded crib.


(Not a first - just some gratuitous cuteness)


He took his first hike in Boone, NC!


He didn't have to work up much of a sweat.
In fact, he napped a good bit of the time.


A picnic lunch for both Mom and Jackson!


Hiking is fun!


(More gratuitous cuteness)




Jackson's first chance to celebrate Dad's birthday!
(Last year, he wasn't quite with it yet)


Aunt Lindsay and Nana were here to help celebrate.


Family photo op.



While Uncle Will was in town, Jackson made his first trip
to the James Joyce (our local Irish pub).



He stayed out late for mexican at El Rodeo.


Yay! Staying up late is fun!


The next day, Jackson saw the ocean for the first time.


He didn't like it very much.


Give Mama a try...


...nope, still cold.


Ah. That's better. Warm and dry in his little sun tent.



Happy naked baby!


Jackson's first baseball game!


We went to see the Durham Bulls on Memorial Day.


Watching the game with Will and Aarti.


And a final first: Here we are moments before...


Jackson's first haircut!




A dapper diaper dandy


More rice cereal?!?


How am I supposed to...


...get it in my mouth??