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Fall Fun!
Weddings and Jackson's first Halloween
(these pics are worth the wait...)



All dressed up for Cousin Carley's wedding!
Don't I look dapper?


I was the ring bearer...bagels are rings, right?


A few scotches later...(just kidding)


A few weeks later, we were off to New York


Eating a bagel in Central Park.
Don't New Yorkers do this all the time?


Jackson's first subway ride


It was better than Cats!


We got to spend some quality time with Auntie Lisie


Reading with Gramma!


Ready for the E-A-G-L-E-S game!


Whose idea was this??


Well, maybe it's not so bad...


Dad's on Safari!


Ready for the trick-or-treaters


In the jungle...the mighty jungle...