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Nine Months Old!
And learning something new every day...




Jackson is now a crawling machine.


He wants to get into EVERYTHING!


Jackson's first Duke Football game.


Daddy, why can't we score any points?


That's OK...basketball is only a few months away!


Jackson had fun with Marianna and Carson
at the Mariska's Labor Day BBQ


Finally, people who understand me!


Silly Jackson!



Just wait until I get a little taller!





In Philly for Rosh Hashana. Uncle Noah was home from college!


Hey Uncle Asher!


I've never seen hair like this before! Let me pull on it!


Aunt Lara took good care of me at the soccer game


Dreaming of future sporting achievements


Dawkins! I missed you!




I will spit on you if you don't stop it with the pictures...


Hmmmm...what to do...




Protect me, Mama!