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And you thought he was into things last month...




Who knew watering the flowers could be so much fun?


Future mud wrestler?


C'mon Zed...get in my cabinet with the rest of my toys!!


Jackson REALLY wants to use utensils...


...but his efforts have been mostly futile so far.
Wrong end!


Right end of the spoon, wrong side of the yogurt container.


Jackson and Lauren: Members of the Class of 2029?


I wanna be a Cameron Crazy!


I've already got the yelling part down!!


Jackson had his first gefilte fish during Passover in Philly.


He wasn't a big fan.


But he did have fun playing with PopPop!


He also got to hang with his cousin Evan...


...and shared a laugh with Aunt Tille.



The next weekend we took Jackson to NYC for Lisa's wedding. He was a champ at the rehearsal dinner and conked out in the corner!
(Bad parents, Bad!)




The following weekend, Jackson enjoyed the gorgeous NC weather outside in Brightleaf Square with Nana and PopPop.




Future mariachi band member?




Father and son




An attempt at a family photo




And, lest you think he always smiles...




Why are you taking my picture? Can't you see the world is ending?