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Getting Adventurous
Jackson communes with nature and
experiments with fashion



Jackson is really into animals these days.
We went to see a play with GIANT bug puppets.


It was better than Cats! (Just barely)



He is also a big fan of the fish that live in the computer.



Navigating rocks at Duke Gardens


Hmmm. Should I jump?


Lunch break


Tired out from a fun morning!



Jackson likes to get close with his buddy, Zed.



VERY close.


Jackson has also recently discovered shoes.
Who knew they could be so much fun?




A waltz, anyone?


What do you mean they're supposed to match?


Uh oh!


What do I do with these things?



Hats are fun too. Yee Haw!




Protection from alien signals?




How does this one look?



Got it! I'm stylin' now...