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15 Months Old
and getting into, on top of, behind, and under everything...




My bathtub? It looks like a boat to me!


On the towel basket


Inside the firewood holder


Playing in the dirt


Marching through the leaves
(Are you tired yet?!?)


Out on the gridiron on Superbowl Sunday


Charlotte draws up some plays just for Jackson


I know you want to pinch them.


Hello ladies!


Dapper even fully clothed


Jackson spends his days playing with Heather...


...and silly Sofia!


Jackson and Sofia are good buddies...


...except that Sofia doesn't appreciate it when Jackson screams.



Sofia is trying to teach Jackson peek-a-boo




Jackson's first Spring Training!




Breakfast was one of his favorite parts.




Playing out on the lawn




Who cares about the game when you can play with grass?




What is this stuff for, anyway?




Will it instantly reduce my waistline?




Hmmm. Nope.




Oh well.




The begging face




Yay Goldfish! Thanks PopPop!




Can't wait 'til next year!




Grandpa was in town over Easter.
Between basketball games, Jackson dyed his first Easter eggs.




Even when disguised, Jackson knows food when he sees it.




Nana and PopPop also came to visit...




...and Gramma too!



Mmmmm! Banana!



No Mama, it isn't too big a bite.




See! I'm a big boy now!