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Summer travels
We spent the Fourth of July in Charleston
and took a trip to the beach later in July




Checking out the horse that took us on a tour of Charleston.


Playing with Aunt Bubbles.



Jackson is a big explorer these days.



He doesn't like to be contained.


What do you mean I'm not supposed to pick the flowers?


Visiting Fort Sumter


Jackson got to stay up late for the fireworks.


Hangin' with Mommy


Who knew using a fork could be so much fun?


Family photo op


Wrestling with Uncle Asher


At lunch with Uncle Noah


Playing with PopPop


Back at home, Jackson and Sofia "read" together.



All done!




I gotta get outta here!




Hey man, I need to get to the beach.
What do I need to do to make that happen?




Hooray! The beach! Jackson makes some new lady-friends.




He better hope that Sofia doesn't see this photo!



Jackson LOVED the water



Off to catch some waves




Digging for buried treasure?




Trying on Mom's flip flops




Yay! The beach is so much fun!!