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More Summer Travels
Off to Chicago!




There were a few extra seats on the plane, so Jackson had his own.


Gramma shows Jackson some of Mom's old toys!



Helping himself to some yogurt



Ooooo! Look at me go!


Auntie Lisie introduced Jackson to whipped cream.


He was pretty excited about it!


Almost as excited as he was about the balloons at Ravinia.


Enjoying the concert with Gramma


Does anyone have more whipped cream, by any chance?


Dreaming that someone is trying to steal his shoes.


The Maleks and Hagensicks met downtown to go on an
architecture tour on the Chicago River.


Aunt Lindsay and Alan happened to be in town, so
we got to go on the tour with them too!


Checking out the Sears Tower with Grandpa


Then it was off to Jackson's first Cubs' game.



Fish face! Silly Jackson...




Up for the seventh-inning stretch.
One, two...



...three strikes - he's out!



Posing for a photo with Auntie Lisie and Uncle Greggor




What a fun trip!