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September and October
A trip to Asheville and Philly Phanatacism



We went out to Asheville to meet up with Jackson's friend Evie.
Jackson wanted to drive, but we convinced him to
let Jordan take the wheel instead.



We visited the NC Wildlife Center...



Jackson seemed to want to join the "aminals"


He was happy to take a closer look...


...just not TOO close.


Let me help you with that, Evie!


So much for chivalry...




Hmmm. What should I do with this rock?


Family photo (including New Baby Weinstein!)


Tuckered out after a fun weekend



Jackson has been working on his spoon-using skills




He's getting better!




But finger food is still a whole lot neater.




Jackson's new fake smile




The real thing



It was looking like it was going to be the Cubs' year!!



But Jackson soon realized that Phillie Phandom was great in 'O8.




He LOVED watching "ball"




Go Phillies!!



What a Phantastic season...



Getting ready for Halloween?



Maybe I'll be a knight!


Definitely NOT a farmer...