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I am a Big Brother!

When I woke up on Thanksgiving morning, my neighbors Jen and Jason were at our house. They said that Mommy and Daddy were at the hospital. Nani and PopPop brought me over to the hospital later that day. They said that someone very special was there for me to meet!

My first thought when I saw Ty was...



THIS is what all the fuss has been about?


He has eyes! Can I poke them?


OK, I'll just touch his feet. For now.


What else does he do?


Auntie Lisie was at the hospital and played Peek-a-boo with me.
That was the most fun I had all day!


Wait a minute...he is coming home with us?




At least he brought me some cool blocks.


For a while after Ty came home, everything was a little crazy.
I got to watch TV in my special chair!


And eat whipped cream for breakfast!


Pretty soon, I started getting curious about our newest family member.
I wanted to hold him...


...and help give him his pacifier.



I got back into my regular bedtime routine...



...and had normal meals again.



I decided to refocus on my favorite activities...


...and to find new ways to express myself.


In this work, the blue represents peace while the green accents suggest jealousy. The composition shows excitement and a little confusion.


I tried my hand at baking.



I even considered taking a road trip to find myself.




But I started getting to know Ty...




...and to get used to the idea of having a baby around the house.




I realized that even though I wasn't so sure at first...




...having a little brother might be pretty exciting...



...and now I'm really happy that Ty is here!